Our Human Resources services to you
We are leaders in the field of labor and provide customized Business Solutions.
We provide a modern approach in training and ensure that all clients are effectively introduced to the latest legislation and relevant governing acts.
We do the preparation of employment contracts.
We conduct disciplinary hearings, counseling’s and consultation.
Additional services include retrenchments, lay-offs as well as conducting of NBI Tests for new/current employees as well as profile tests for directors (leadership style).
The NBI gives an indication of how you prefer to :
  • Learn/teach
  • Communicate with and relate to others
  • Make decisions and find solutions
  • Could manage in a certain career or business
  • Create your future
We provide access to membership of a registered Employers organization that will ensure that all labor law litigation is done professionally at a very reasonable membership fees.

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Human Resources

Handling Disciplinary Enquiries

  • Scheduling disciplinary enquiries
  • Chairing disciplinary enquiries
  • Outcome of disciplinary enquiries

Disciplinary Procedures

Under normal circumstances, disciplinary action will be applied progressively. This implies that repeated similar or related offences may result in more serious disciplinary action. However, it is more important to note that depending on the nature and seriousness of the transgression, it is possible that a first transgression can result in serious disciplinary action.

We enjoy our 85 % success rate in all our CCMA cases.

Validity of warnings

The following serves as a guide line:

  • A verbal warning will usually be valid for three (3) months
  • Written warnings will usually be valid for a period of six (6) months
  • Final written warning will usually be valid for twelve (12) months

Employee rights towards disciplinary procedure

  • Amongst others, employees has the right to
  • Right to formal enquiry
  • Right to be present at the enquiry
  • Right to be given time to prepare for enquiry
  • Right to be given advance notification of the charges
  • Right to call witnesses (on your behalf)
  • Right to ask questions
  • Right to be interpreter
  • Right to appeal within five working days

If the employee does not attend the enquiry, it will be continued in his/her absence

Employer rights towards disciplinary procedure

Amongst others the Employer has the right to :

  • Discipline employees
  • Suspend employees
  • Appoint a Chairperson and Initiator
  • Lead evidence
  • Call witnesses
  • Cross-examine witnesses
  • Argue aggravating circumstances
  • Consider and impose an appropriate sanction
  • Access to document produced in evidence


Counselling is a formal process, initiated when a person has not responded to advice and assistance you have provided on a less formal basis, and will usually involve your taking the following steps:

advise the person in advance that a discussion about his or her work performance or conduct is to be held at a given time and place, with 48 hours notice to enable you both to come to the discussion prepared;

Keep a brief record of the meeting.

When to counsel

Determining at what point a decline in work performance or a failure to observe the appropriate standard of conduct warrants formal counselling is a matter for your judgement. It is not always easy to decide when to move from providing informal comments on a person's work to a more formal approach. However, when you do decide to take that step, make sure that you begin documenting the steps you are taking to address the situation

By intervening at an early stage you can often prevent a problem escalating and requiring more serious and possibly disruptive action further down the track.

If you encourage a free flow of information in the workplace and open, two-way communication is the norm, it will be easier for you to identify performance problems when and if they do arise, and deal with them promptly. A good management style will not eliminate performance problems, but good workplace communication should help you to identify some problems early, so you can do something about them.

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